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belt; strip, band; cummerbund; sash; girdle, corset; zone
wrap, swathe, swaddle; band



it bands

(n.) = gaff ; sash ; girdle ; obi.
Nota: Prenda generalmente usada con los kimonos japoneses.
Ex: As gaffs are an undergarment, they cannot be returned for hygienic reasons.
Ex: Just one other question: why are some of the sashes worn from left shoulder to right hip or right shoulder to left hip?.
Ex: Elizabethan men would sometimes wear girdles, the equivalent of the female corset, to obtain the wasp-waisted look!.
Ex: Although there is some indication that the manner of wearing an obi indicated social rank, this had little to do karate and more with social traditions.
(v.) = gird.
Nota: Participio pasado girt o girded.
Ex: The peaks and rocks of grotesque shapes are girded by clear streams and embraced by green trees and bamboo plants.

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