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skirt; lap; slope; brisket; brim; table cover




(n.) = lap ; skirt ; flank.
Ex: The books may simply be laid before the librarian as they are found, 'dumped in his lap', as one writer puts it.
Ex: First, I should make it clear that I have not provoked him in any way: my skirts are always far below my knees and I usually wear a jacket.
Ex: Mostly 100 to 500 meters in diameter, the hillocks cover the edge of the volcano flank.
* con la falda típica escocesa = kilted.
* falda de cama = bed skirt ; valance.
* falda de rafia = grass skirt.
* falda de res = brisket.
* falda típica escocesa = kilt.
* gobierno de faldas = petticoat government.
* gustar las faldas = be a bit of a lad.
(n.) = brisket ; beef brisket.
Ex: Brisket must be cut across the grain or it will be just about impossible to chew!.
Ex: Barbecue beef brisket is the national dish of the Republic of Texas.
* falda de res = beef brisket.
* falda de ternera = brisket ; beef brisket.

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