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ruff, trump; pronounce, proclaim; fail; miss; misfire


(v.) = fail ; falter ; misfire ; derail ; crash ; backfire ; come + unstuck.
Ex: This article suggests the steps that libraries might take during periods of instability to reduce their chances of being injured by a vendor that fails.
Ex: The project faltered because the data became increasingly difficult to input and manipulate.
Ex: While project ALBIS was seen as an exercise in networking that misfired it did produce some positive results = Aunque se consideraba que el proyecto ALBIS fue un intento de cooperación en red que fracasó, no obstante produjo algunos resultados positivos.
Ex: When organizational communication works well, every ofther facet of management is enhanced; if it derails, other aspects of directing falter as well = Cuando la comunicación dentro de una organización funciona bien, las demás facetas de la gestión mejoran; no obstante, si falla, los otros aspectos de la dirección flaquean también.
Ex: Our computer crashed, the motherboard died, taking along with her the hard drive.
Ex: While this direct contact can backfire if the person is not knowledgeable about the product, it is also a golden opportunity to respond directly to customer questions and unique needs.
Ex: Bright people will always manage towork out the technology but it is the higher-level issues and processes that usually cause a project to come unstuck.
* empezar a fallar = be on the blink.
* no falla = reliable.
* sin fallar = without fail.
* si no me falla la memoria = if (my) memory serves me right ; if (my) memory doesn't fail me.
* si no + Pronombre + fallar la memoria = to the best of + Posesivo + recollection.
(v.) = pass + judgement.
Ex: Judge Peter Moss allowed him one final chance to prove he could comply with the terms before he passed judgement on the latest offence.

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