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decease, pass away, die, perish

it died it died

(v.) = pass away ; meet + Posesivo + demise ; meet + Posesivo + death ; meet + Posesivo + fate ; meet + Posesivo + destiny.
Ex: A great deal of traditional indigenous knowledge is being irretrievably lost in New Zealand as the Maori elders age and pass away.
Ex: Circled in red is the approximate location where the young woman is said to have met her demise in the parking lot, with the words 'crime scene'.
Ex: About three months ago a woman about thirty-two years old met her death in a suicide bomb attack near a bus stop.
Ex: It is dedicated to the lost soul of a poor girl who met her fate too soon in strange circumstances.
Ex: In April 1656 she would meet her destiny on the shores of Western Australia when it crashed onto the reef and broke in two immediately.

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