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family, kin; familiar, informal; colloquial; relative
relative, kinsman; dependent



(n.) = relative ; next of kin ; kin ; kinsman [kinsmen, -pl.] ; family member ; relation.
Ex: Here, families from many different communities were up-rooted and resettled on greenfield sites, many miles away from relatives and friends.
Ex: Interviews were with a surviving next of kin or a nonrelative about three months after the event of death.
Ex: Marriage is prohibited with all direct kin.
Ex: The article 'Two noble kinsmen: libraries and museums' explains how libraries and museums reflect a common ancestry yet they have evolved separately.
Ex: Patients who attended with a spouse/partner/carer/family member indicated it was helpful to them and the accompanying person.
Ex: The next day Margaret and her relations were invited to the Palace for a private brunch.
* afligido por la muerte de un familiar cercano = bereaved.
* familiar a cargo = dependent.
* familiar cercano = close family member.
* familiares = kinfolk [kinsfolk].
* familiar femenino = kinswoman [kinswomen, -pl.].
* familiar que cuida de los mayores = kinkeeper.
* muerte de un familiar = bereavement ; death in the family.
* perder un familiar = bereave.
(adj.) = familiar ; conversational ; familial ; old friend ; family-oriented ; colloquial ; homey ; homely .
Ex: For anyone involved with online searching, the equipment needed for electronic mail will be familiar: in addition to the microcomputer itself (which is the terminal), an acoustic coupler or modem will be needed.
Ex: The old expressions 'spin a yarn', 'weave a tale' suggest the anecdotal, conversational quality that must be striven for by the storyteller.
Ex: These librarians are thoroughly sensitised to the social, familial, ethnic, economic and political characteristics of the people in their neighbourhoods.
Ex: The Web's full embrace of constant change means that even old friend sites may be unrecognisable after technology facelifts.
Ex: Middleborns tend to be less family-oriented than firstborns or lastborns.
Ex: Assembler is the colloquial term for assembly language which lies between the low-level machine code and high-level languages.
Ex: However, his attempt to make cultural and social history more accessible to a wider audience by adopting a homey, jokey style often seems counterproductive.
Ex: We are always on the lookout for homely traditions that work.
* archivo familiar = estate archive.
* asunto familiar = family affair.
* ayuda familiar = family income supplement ; family worker.
* casa familiar = family home.
* centro de planificación familiar = family planning clinic.
* coche familiar = family car.
* conflicto familiar = family conflict.
* deber familiar = familial duty.
* desintegración familiar = family breakdown.
* dicho familiar = familiar saying.
* empresa familiar = family business ; family-run business.
* entorno familiar = home environment.
* expresión familiar = colloquialism.
* genealogía familiar = family genealogy.
* historia familiar = family history.
* ingresos familiares = family wage.
* lazo familiar = family bond.
* lazos familiares = family ties.
* lenguaje familiar = colloquial language ; familiar language.
* negocio familiar = family-run business ; family business.
* nido familiar = family nest.
* permiso por razones familiares = family leave.
* planificación familiar = family planning ; planned parenthood.
* prestación familiar = family allowance.
* problema familiar = family problem.
* problemas familiares = family crisis.
* reliquia familiar = heirloom.
* responsabilidades familiares = family responsibilities.
* restaurante familiar = family restaurant.
* reunión familiar = family gathering ; family reunion.
* riña familiar = domestic argument.
* ser familiar = strike + familiar chords.
* servicio auxiliar de apoyo familiar = respite care.
* terapeuta familiar = family therapist.
* tiempo familiar = quality time.
* tradición familiar = family tradition.
* valores familiares = family values.
* VHS (Sistema de Vídeo Familiar) = VHS (Video Home System).
* vida familiar = family life ; family living.
* violencia familiar = domestic violence.

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