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famous, famed, renowned; glorious, great; fashionable
famous person



= celebrity ; big name ; celeb.
Nota: Abreviatura de celebrity.
Ex: For instance, if a person is working on building a radio program, the librarian should provide her with background information that helps to set the tone of the program, with facts and foibles of celebrities, with case histories of successful campaigns, with analogies, quotations, and anecdotes, and so on.
Ex: Such programs as rock groups, big name entertainers, and jazz concerts were excluded.
Ex: He knew the names of celebs but he could have walked past any one of them in the street without batting an eyelid.
* codearse con los famosos = rub + shoulders with the rich and famous.
* codearse con los ricos y famosos = rub + shoulders with the rich and famous.
* condición de famoso = celebrity status.
* famosos, los = famous, the ; glitterati.
* lleno de famosos = celebrity-studded ; star-studded.
* plagado de famosos = celebrity-studded.
(adj.) = famous ; well-known ; honoured [honored, -USA] ; renowned ; famed ; celebrated ; hit ; reputed ; legendary ; notorious ; noted ; acclaimed ; of note ; popular ; heralded.
Ex: The philosophy of these critics was enunciated by one of their most prominent spokesmen, the famous Thomas Carlyle.
Ex: This may be relatively easy for well-known authors, but can be difficult for more obscure authors.
Ex: A very successful novelist, such as Graham Greene, would clearly fall into this category and would be an honoured writer as well as a well-paid one.
Ex: Jorge Luis Borges, though renowned chiefly as author, reflects in his works the very essence of libraries and librarians.
Ex: Many recipes not taken from books, magazines or famed chefs remain untested and thus less reliable.
Ex: Hoppe is one of the most celebrated photographers of the early 20th century.
Ex: Her novels have been adapted for the screen most famously as the hit film Mrs Doubtfire starring Robin Williams.
Ex: This article studies the works of an internationally reputed virologist (Indian born) settled in Canada.
Ex: Information highways which have now become the first legendary step towards the information society.
Ex: The textual vicissitudes of British nineteenth-century novels in America are notorious.
Ex: Planning began about 9 months before the exhibition, with the recruitment of a noted Swiss book illustrator to design the stand.
Ex: The 6 day residential programme, open to Australian and New Zealand information professionals, was based on the acclaimed Snowbird Institutes, held annually in Utah.
Ex: Another analytical study of note is the one for Columbia University Libraries.
Ex: Although the fifteenth edition met with some success, it was not generally popular.
Ex: I agree that many heralded pricey wines are no better to me than cheap wines.
* ciudad famosa por el golf = golfing town.
* famoso en el mundo entero = world-renowned ; world-renown ; world-famous [world famous].
* famoso en todo el mundo = world-famous [world famous] ; world-renowned ; world-renown.
* famoso internacionalmente = of international renown ; internationally renowned.
* famoso por = noted for ; best remembered for ; famed for.
* gente famosa = famous people.
* hacerse famoso = rise to + stardom ; make + a name for + Reflexivo ; set + the river on fire.
* locutor famoso = radio personality.
* muy famoso = highly acclaimed ; widely acclaimed ; well-acclaimed.
* persona famosa = famous person ; celebrity ; celeb.
* personaje famoso = celebrity ; celeb.
* presentador de radio famoso = radio personality.
* rico y famoso = rich and famous.
* ser famoso = gain + recognition ; be popular.
* ser famoso por = famously ; have + a track record of ; be famous for.
* tan famoso = much acclaimed.
* últimas palabras que se han hecho famosas = famous last words.

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