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sell by date

expiration date

(n.) = date due ; expiry date ; expiration date ; best by date ; best before date ; limited life ; sell-by date.
Ex: A screen is then displayed which lists the locations, call numbers and dates due of each copy held by the chosen library. Ex: If you wish to pay with a VISA, MASTERCARD or AMERICAN EXPRESS Credit Card, please write you Credit Card Number and its expiry date below. Ex: The file contains information about journal subscriptions, such as the publisher, vendor, issue frequency, expiration date, and price per copy. Ex: Each carton is marked with a 'Best By' date, which is located on the bottom of the box. Ex: It should be safe to eat food after the 'best before' date, but the food will no longer be at its best. Ex: Cambelts have a limited life, if they break while the engine is running major damage can occur. Ex: The sell-by dates on the egg cartons are just to appease those who want a date on everything.

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