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happy; felicitous; lucky; blessed


(adj.) = content ; happy ; blissful ; joyful ; joyous ; glad .
Ex: Many librarians viewed AACR1 as such a significant improvement upon its predecessors, that they were content.
Ex: The user who is ignorant of the expansion of the abbreviations in these headings, will be happier to be able to find these headings file under their abbreviated form, than under a spelt-out version or complete version.
Ex: Vaguely blissful, but with nothing to occupy her save reflection, she sat in the cafeteria and gave herself up to the physical pleasures of coffee.
Ex: It's that joyful leap from one place to another that symbolises the freedom to explore on the web.
Ex: Also she possessed a pair of wonderful blue eyes that danced and scintillated with joyous good humour.
Ex: Her friends had perceived with regret that her buoyant spirits were giving place to unusual depression and that a languor was creeping over her glad eyes.
* desenlace feliz = success story ; happy ending ; happy end.
* estar feliz = be merry.
* ¡felices fiestas! = season's greetings!.
* Feliz Año Nuevo = Happy New Year.
* final feliz = happy ending ; happy end.
* hora feliz = happy hour.
* mundo feliz = brave new world.
* sentirse feliz = feel + happy.
* tan feliz como siempre = as happy as ever.
* tener un final feliz = have + a successful ending.
* vivir feliz = live + happily.

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