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congratulations; backslapping
felicitation, congratulation


(n.) = congrats ; kudos.
Ex: Congrats to the highest scorers, you all deserve a pat on the back for a job well done. Ex: Authors who succeed in this category are people who do not worry too much about the lack of literary kudos, but who can write, and seem to enjoy writing, fairly simple stories for a wide audience whose pure enjoyment of the books is sufficient. (n.) = tap on the shoulder ; compliment ; felicitation.
Ex: 'But we certainly have to establish some fair criteria to determine who gets the tap on the shoulder,' reflected Bough = "Pero ciertamente tenemos que establecer algunos criterios justos para determinar quién recibe las palmaditas en la espalda", dijo Bough.
Ex: Nine percent of the questions analyzed were placed in the 'other' category, which included notes of thanks and compliments on good service, suggestions for improving the library's services, and messages sent from listservs = El nueve por ciento de las cuestiones analizadas se colocaron en la categoría "otros", que incluía notas de agradecimiento y felicitaciones por el buen servicio, sugerencias para mejorar los servicios de la biblioteca y mensajes enviados de servidores de listas de correo.
Ex: A 'Festschrift' is usually described defined as a biographical, autobiographical and a felicitation work.
* dar las felicitaciones = congratulate (on).
* felicitaciones = congrats ; kudos.
* ¡felicitaciones! = the way to go! ; congratulations!.
* Posesivo + más sinceras felicitaciones = Posesivo + heartiest congratulations.
* tarjeta de felicitación = greeting card [greetings card] ; congratulatory card.

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