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ironmongery, hardware, tools and other small objects made of metal


(n.) = hardware store ; ironmonger's ; ironmonger's shop ; hardware shop.
Ex: At present, the library board consists of: a housewife, who is serving as chairwoman, a stockbroker, a retired head of the health department, an owner of a hardware store, and an attorney = En la actualidad, la comisión de biblioteca consta de un ama de casa, que actúa de presidenta, un agente de bolsa, un director del departamento de sanidad jubilado, el propietario de una ferretería y un abogado.
Ex: England's oldest ironmonger's is shutting after 480 years of trading due to the recession and the rise of hardware chains.
Ex: Once an ironmonger's shop and now a trendy restaurant, this charming bistro is visited regularly by famous people from all over Europe.
Ex: Lindy had a number of businesses, including a hardware shop, a barbershop, an ice-cream parlor, a blacksmith shop, and an electrical appliances store.
* cadena de tiendas de ferretería = hardware chain.
(n.) = ironmongery.
Ex: All critical ironmongery fitted to fire doors must be tested and approved.

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