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token; chip, game token; record card; index card; chessman
file; punch out; book



it registers

(n.) = index card ; token ; card.
Ex: Aperture cards, where the full text of the document is kept in a special index card in the form of a microfiche, have been used for various collections of, for instance, patents and technical drawings.
Ex: They have implemented a voluntary system for libraries of charging for photocopies with flat-rate 5 franc tokens, which can either be re-used by the recipient or cashed in for 4 francs.
Ex: The most convenient manual format for recording terms is to write each term on a card.
* área de numeración de la ficha = card counter area.
* auxiliar dedicado a la ordenación de fichas = filing clerk.
* basado en fichas = card-based.
* catálogo de fichas = card catalogue ; card index.
* cuerpo de la ficha = body of the card.
* de fichas = card-based.
* ficha anotada = annotated card.
* ficha básica = basic-entry card.
* ficha Batten = Batten card.
* ficha catalográfica = catalogue card.
* ficha comentada = annotated card.
* ficha de almacenamiento marginal = marginal storage card.
* ficha de borde perforado = edge notch card.
* ficha de coincidencia óptica = Batten card ; optical coincidence card ; Peek-a-boo card.
* ficha de dígito terminal = terminal digit card.
* ficha de empalme = electrical connector.
* ficha de inscripción = registration card.
* ficha de juego = playing piece.
* ficha del lector = borrower record.
* ficha de número de registro = accessions card.
* ficha deportiva = sport(s) card.
* ficha de préstamo del libro = book card [bookcard].
* ficha de referencia = reference entry ; reference card.
* ficha de término = term card.
* ficha de trabajo = worksheet ; project worksheet.
* ficha de tres por cinco pulgadas = three-by-five card.
* ficha de unitérminos = uniterm card.
* ficha de ventanilla = aperture card.
* ficha modelo = form.
* ficha peek-a-boo = Peek-a-boo card.
* ficha perforada = punched card.
* ficha principal = main entry card.
* ficha secundaria = added entry card.
* ficha unitérmino de número de registro = accessions card.
* índices postcoordinados de fichas = card based post-coordinate index.
* insertar aguja en un paquete de fichas = needling the pack.
* intercalación de fichas = filing.
* juego de fichas = card set ; deck of cards.
* ordenación de fichas = filing.
* Reglas de la ALA para la Intercalación de Fichas de Catálogo = ALA Rules for Filing Catalog Cards.
* sistema de fichas = card based system.
* sistema de fichas peek-a-boo = peek-a-boo system.
* sistema de indización de fichas = card index system.
(v.) = record.
Ex: Editors and compilers of editions of works are recorded together with the edition statement in the edition area = En en área de edición se incluyen los editores y compiladores de las ediciones de trabajos junto con la mención de edición.
* estar fichado por la policía = have + a (criminal) record.
* fichar a la entrada = clock in.
* fichar a la salida = clock out ; clock off.
* fichar a la salida del trabajo = clock off + work.
(v.) = sign up ; recruit.
Ex: One of the first publishers to sign up for the new service is Tower Publishing, UK.
Ex: Reduced establishments have made it very difficult to recruit new IT talent.

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