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guarantee, give a guarantee
faithful, loyal, true; religious; accurate; dependable
pointer; churchgoer, person who regularly attends church; inspector of weights and measures


(n.) = flock.
Ex: The priest is just another body, however, a dark blot on the landscape, a mere spectator who becomes transparent in the eyes of his flock.
* de fiar = legit ; on the level ; trustworthy.
* fiarse de la palabra de Alguien = take + Posesivo + word for it.
* fiarse de lo que Alguien dice = take + Nombre + at/for + Posesivo + word.
* fiarse demasiado = be lulled into a false sense of security.
* fiarse de + Posesivo + instintos = trust + Posesivo + (own) instincts.
* que no es de fiar = untrustworthy.
(adj.) = accurate ; faithful ; undeviating ; staunch [stanch, -USA] ; stalwart ; true blue.
Ex: An abstract is a concise and accurate representation of the contents of a document, in a style similar to that of the original document.
Ex: The faithful adherents of the ideology of the finding catalog were determined to combat the unwelcome intrusion of Panizzi's scheme before the Royal Commission.
Ex: Happily the rules of quasi-facsimile are easily mastered; what is difficult is to observe them with scrupulous, undeviating accuracy.
Ex: This article reviews the work of Professor Kaula, the staunch crusader of librarianship in India.
Ex: She went on to quote Jast, that stalwart defender of public libraries against all comers, who said, 'The librarian and teacher have almost opposite basic aims, the one deals with the literature, the other with the person'.
Ex: Make no mistake, Danning, in his own words, is a 'true blue Aussie boy' though he was born in Ghana.
* fiel (a) = loyal (to).
* fiel a la palabra de Uno = true to + Posesivo + word.
* fiel a + Posesivo + creencias = true to + Posesivo + beliefs.
* fiel desde el punto de vista de la historia = historically accurate.
* fieles, los = faithful, the.
* fiel históricamente = historically accurate.
* mantenerse fiel a = stick with.
* mantenerse fiel a los principios de Uno = stick to + Posesivo + principles.
* permanecer fiel = remain + faithful.
* permanecer fiel a = stay + true to.
* público fiel = devoted audience.
* seguir fiel a = stay + true to.
* ser fiel a = be true to ; be faithful to.
* ser fiel con Uno mismo = be true to + Reflexivo.
* siempre fiel = Semper Fidelis.
(n.) = faithful, the.
Ex: During Ramadan, Muslims can only eat during the the hours of darkness, when the faithful, understandably peckish, tend to raid the larder.

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