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fixed, fast; immovable; unswerving; lingering; resident


(adj.) = fixed ; stationary ; unwavering ; standing ; unmoving ; motionless ; permanent.
Ex: Affinitive relationships that exist between terms are not necessarily connected to one another in any fixed hierarchical manner.
Ex: In one simple version, known in England as the Scandinavian single platen machine (1841), the press bed and type were stationary throughout.
Ex: Savage's greatest claim to the attention of present-day librarians is his inspiring and unwavering belief in the value of librarianship.
Ex: A standing reproach to all librarians is the non-user.
Ex: The dynamic path generation problem of robots in environments with other unmoving and moving objects is considered.
Ex: In a control condition, participants recited memorized text to the research assistant who sat motionless.
Ex: Abstracts planned primarily as alerting devices may be shorter than those abstracts which are to be stored for permanent reference.
* activo fijo tangible = tangible fixed assets.
* bienes fijos tangibles = tangible fixed assets.
* campo de longitud fija = fixed length field.
* capital fijo = fixed capital.
* caravana fija = mobile home.
* clave de longitud fija = fixed-length key.
* cliente fijo = loyalty of custom.
* de campos fijos = fixed-field.
* de longitud fija = fixed-length.
* demanda fija = inelastic demand.
* disco fijo = fixed disc.
* gráfico fijo = still graphic.
* imagen fija = still ; still image ; movie still ; still-picture.
* imposición a plazo fijo = certificate of deposit.
* ingresos fijos = fixed income.
* interés fijo = fixed interest.
* ir de aquí para allá sin rumbo fijo = freewheel.
* línea fija = fixed line.
* llave fija = spanner.
* mantener Algo fijo = hold + Nombre + steady.
* mirada fija = stare.
* norma fija = firm rule.
* permanecer fijo = remain + in place.
* préstamo de periodo fijo = fixed date loan period.
* registro de longitud fija = fixed-length record.
* regla fija = firm rule.
* silla fija = locker seat.
* sin domicilio fijo = of no fixed abode.
* sin norte fijo = aimlessly.
* sin residencia fija = of no fixed abode.
* sin rumbo fijo = aimlessly.
* teléfono fijo = fixed telephone ; landline [land line].
* ubicación topográfica fija = fixed location.

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