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firm, set; secure; hard, fast; staunch; positive; sound
roadbed; ballast bed; surface
sign, mark, indicate; write one's name, autograph; ratify; witness

decisive, unwavering, unmoved, unswerving, firm


(v.) = sign ; autograph ; put + Posesivo + name to ; sign up.
Ex: She then said 'Thanks for the offer, but I've signed a contract and made a deposit on an apartment'.
Ex: When the card catalogue was eliminated, those cards describing books by celebrities were posted to the celebrity with a request that it be autographed and returned so that they would be auctioned to raise funds for the library = Cuando se eliminó el catálogo de fichas, se enviaron las fichas que describian los libros escritos por famosos a sus autores pidiéndoles que las firmasen y devolviesen para su subasta con objeto de recaudar fondos para la biblioteca.
Ex: After a series of meetings in Amsterdam, 10 European publishers and librarians have put their names in a personal capacity to a joint statement on the Impact of Electronic Technology.
Ex: One of the first publishers to sign up for the new service is Tower Publishing, UK.
* firmar acuerdo = write + agreement.
* firmar la cesión = sign away.
* firmar la sentencia de muerte a = sound + the death knell for.
* firmar un acuerdo = tie + the knot ; sign + an agreement ; sign + a deal.
* firmar una sentencia de muerte = sign + a death warrant (for).
* firmar un contrato = issue + a contract ; sign + a contract ; make + a contract ; enter into + contract.
* firmar un tratado = sign + a treaty.
* sin firmar = unsigned.
(adj.) = firm ; powerful ; sound ; strong ; uncompromising ; steadfast ; assertive ; adamant ; taut ; tight ; uncompromised ; staunch [stanch, -USA] ; rock solid ; unswerving ; toned ; stout .
Ex: Full consideration of the above factors should form a firm basis for the design of an effective thesaurus or list of subject headings.
Ex: Because DOBIS/LIBIS integrates the authority files into the cataloguing process, it provides a unique and very powerful authority file facility.
Ex: Thus the scheme has a sound organisational backing.
Ex: In fact, the 1979 index figures show a strong contrast between the hardback and paperback turnovers, with the hardback market being down and the paperback market up.
Ex: What precipitated that furor was that Panizzi's volume represented a uncompromising rejection of the comfortable ideology of the finding catalog.
Ex: He does admit, however, that 'this power is unusual, it is a gift which must be cultivated, an accomplishment which can only be acquired by vigorous and steadfast concentration'.
Ex: I tried to say at the very outset of my remarks that there probably has not been sufficient consumer-like and assertive leverage exerted upon our chief suppliers.
Ex: The point is that even our most adamant, conservative faculty members are slowly dribbling in and saying, 'Could you add our name to your selective dissemination of information service?'.
Ex: While the stencil is held taut, the cylinder is slowly rotated until the bottom edge of the wax sheet can be clamped in position.
Ex: The platen was lashed up tight to the toe of the spindle by cords which connected hooks at its four corners to another set of hooks at the four lower corners of the hose.
Ex: The Gazette advocated uncompromised racial equality and viewed the migration as a weapon against oppression.
Ex: This article reviews the work of Professor Kaula, the staunch crusader of librarianship in India.
Ex: The numbers in the ad, which are quite eye-opening, are rock-solid.
Ex: His mistaken assumption that cult heroes are supermen, and his unswerving devotion to an empirical testing of the play impose significant limitations on his account.
Ex: If you are shorter or have very nice toned legs without veins, scars or dark hair, I say take the skirt up a few inches if you want.
Ex: The guard (book) catalogue is a book form catalogue with several entries on each page, but each entry inserted by pasting slips on to the stout pages of the book.
* adoptar una postura firme ante una cuestión = take + position on + an issue.
* alcanzar tierra firme = come + ashore.
* con pie firme = sure-footed.
* de manera firme = stoutly.
* en tierra firme = on dry land.
* firme compromiso = strong commitment.
* llegar a tierra firme = come + ashore.
* mantener Algo firme = hold + Nombre + steady.
* mantener firme = keep + steady ; hold in + line ; hold + steady.
* mantenerse firme = stand + Posesivo + ground ; stick to + Posesivo + guns ; stand + firm ; hold + Posesivo + ground.
* mantenerse firme como una roca = stand like + a rock.
* permanecer firm = stay in + place.
* poco firme = tenuous ; rocky .
* ponerse firme = stand to + attention ; spring to + attention ; square + Posesivo + shoulders ; stand at + attention ; jump to + attention.
* senos firmes y de punta = pert breasts.
* sobre suelo firme = on firm footing.
* terreno firme = safe ground ; solid ground.
* tierra firme = solid ground.
(n.) = road surface ; roadbed.
Ex: Hot bitumen is sprayed on the prepared road surface and immediately covered with clean stone chips which are rolled in to ensure adhesion.
Ex: Drainage facilities under or immediately adjacent to the roadbed must be maintained and kept free of obstruction.

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