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flan, sweet custard with a caramel topping




(n.) = flong ; flong mould ; crème caramel.
Ex: Flexible moulds made of laminated paper called 'flong' were first used in Lyons in 1829 and were blotting and tissue paper pasted together, and the mould was formed by beating damp flong on the face of the type.
Ex: The overwhelming advantages of flong moulds were that they were both quicker to make and quicker to cast from than plaster moulds.
Ex: This report analyses the markets for ice cream, yoghurts and chilled desserts (e.g. cheesecake, tiramisu and crème caramel) in Italy.
* estar hecho un flan = shake like + a leaf ; tremble like + a leaf.
* temblar como un flan = shake like + a leaf ; tremble like + a leaf.

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