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seal, sea dog, any of several species of carnivorous marine mammals from the suborder Pinnipedia


(n.) = seal.
Ex: The stories are accompanied by learning activities and discussion questions for students and are arranged under the headings of bear, mountain goat and deer, and seal and sea lion.
* piel de foca = sealskin.
(n.) = fattie ; fat lump ; fat lump of lard ; fatso.
Ex: That makes him sound bad, but he isn't -- He's a man who married a 22-year-old hottie only to wind up with a 35-year-old fattie.
Ex: I saw her on the telly the other day and she still looked like a fat lump to me.
Ex: This brand new book is going to turn you from a useless fat lump of lard into a tender caring, satisfying, lover for the woman you love.
Ex: We are becoming a nation of wimps, fatsos and crybabies because we have created a hypersensitive social and legal environment.
* como una foca = grossly overweight.
* estar como una foca = be like the side of a house.
* estar hecha una foca = be like the side of a house.
* hecha una foca = grossly overweight.

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