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formulate; frame; shape, form; administer; advance; enter; state; prefer


it formulates formula

(n.) = formula [formulae, -pl.] ; formula approach ; scientific notation.
Ex: It may be helpful to use a formula to calculate the price in the local currency from the price in a foreign currency.
Ex: University respondents were suspicious that this formula approach would ultimately be extended to them and to their detriment = Los encuestados universitarios sospechaban que a la larga este fórmula se les aplicaría y les perjudicaría.
Ex: Compound documents are those which contain graphics, maps, photos, scientific notation, as well as those containing textual anomalies, such as footnotes, columnar text, handwriting and boxed text.
* encontrar la fórmula para = take + the guesswork out of ; take + the guesswork out of.
* fórmula de facetas = facet formula.
* fórmula del coseno = cosine formula.
* fórmula del coseno de Salton = Salton's cosine formula.
* fórmula del éxito = formula for success ; recipe for success.
* fórmula matemática = mathematical formula.
* fórmula molecular = molecular formula.
* fórmula para el desastre = blueprint for disaster.
* fórmula para el éxito = blueprint for success.
* fórmula para el fracaso = blueprint for failure.
* fórmula para la dificultad de lectura = reading formula.
* fórmula para la medición de la información de Brillouin = Brillouin's information measure.
* fórmula química = chemical formula.
* novela escrita a base de fórmulas o clichés = formula fiction.
* ofrecer la fórmula para = take + the guesswork out of.
* presupuestación según una fórmula = formula budgeting.
* presupuesto asignado según una fórmula = formula budget.
* ser la fórmula para = be a recipe for.
(v.) = formulate ; frame ; lay down ; work out ; articulate ; phrase ; word.
Ex: AACR and other recent cataloguing codes have been drafted upon the 'condition' approach to formulating cataloguing rules.
Ex: Now to consider the various stages in framing a document profile.
Ex: He was the son of a bricklayer who laid down as early as 1859 that 'the assistance of readers in their researches' is one of the duties that 'have daily to be provided for' in ordinary public libraries.
Ex: The details of how the assignment of numbers by authorized agencies would be controlled have yet to be worked out.
Ex: From time to time librarians do catch a fleeting glimpse of how others see them when some journalist or academic does articulate this widespread phobia.
Ex: The enquiry phrased in very broad terms almost always needs narrowing down.
Ex: Research questionnaires should therefore be worded carefully while avoiding the use of the broad term.
* formular cargos contra = bring + charges against ; press + charges against.
* formular una ecuación de búsqueda = formulate + search strategy.
* formular una estrategia = formulate + strategy.
* formular una política = frame + policy.
* formular una pregunta = articulate + question ; formulate + question ; frame + question.
* formular una propuesta = formulate + proposal.
* formular una regla = frame + rule.
* formular una respuesta = formulate + response.
* formular un argumento = advance + an argument ; put forward + argument.
* formular un principio = formulate + principle.
* volver a formular = rewrite [re-write].

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