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photography, art of producing images on film that is sensitive to light or radiation, art of taking pictures; photograph, photo, picture
photo, photograph, take a picture, produce an image using a photographic process

photography photograph

it photographs it photographs

(n.) = exposure ; photograph ; photography ; snapshot [snap-shot] ; picture ; shot.
Ex: There is a film on the camera for a hundred exposures, and the spring for operating its shutter and shifting its film is wound once for all when the film is inserted.
Ex: Some of their most cherished photographs were of sleeping users.
Ex: The article 'Cold and cool vault environments for the storage of historic photographic materials' was written in recognition of the sesquicentennial of the introduction of photography to the public.
Ex: To quote Towl, case studies 'are not an actual snap-shot or sound movie of what really took place'.
Ex: In the future pictures may need not be wetted at all.
Ex: Each video shot is logged using text descriptions, audio dialogue, and cinematic attributes.
* álbum de fotografías = photograph album.
* ampliar una fotografía = enlarge + picture.
* colección de fotografías = photograph collection.
* cuarto oscuro de fotografía = photographic darkroom.
* exposición de fotografías = photographic exhibition.
* exposiciones de fotografía = salon photography.
* fotografía aérea = aerial photograph ; aerial photography.
* fotografía artística = artistic photography.
* fotografía de cine = cinematic photography.
* fotografía del espacio = space photograph.
* fotografía de obra de arte = art photograph.
* fotografía de publicidad = advertising photography.
* fotografía en placa de cristal = glass-plate photography.
* fotografía en seco = dry photography.
* fotografía histórica = documentary photography.
* fotografía tamaño carnet = passport size photograph ; ID photograph.
* fotografía tomada por un satélite = satellite photograph.
* fotografía trucada = trick photograph.
* hacer fotografía = make + picture.
* hacer una fotografía = photograph.
* máquina de registro de préstamos por medio de la fotografía = photocharger ; photocharging machine.
* recuperación de fotografías = picture retrieval.
* sacar una fotografía = take + picture ; photograph ; take + shot.
* tomar una fotografía = take + picture ; take + shot.
(v.) = take + picture ; photograph ; snap ; take + shot ; take + photo.
Ex: It takes pictures 3 millimeter square, later to be projected or enlarged, which after all involves only a factor of 10 beyond the present practice.
Ex: So he sets a reproducer in action, photographs the whole trail out, and passes it to his friend for insertion in his own memex.
Ex: The young man in the picture is myself snapped twenty-five years or so ago by a cheeky thirteen-year-old during the first few months of my first teaching job.
Ex: When using manual focus, you are more likely to take out-of-focus shots.
Ex: She is about 53 years old in this photo and she was released from gaol in 1931, three years after this photo was taken.

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