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Frankish, of or pertaining to the Franks; frank, candid, open; intimate, familiar; free, gratis; honest; toll-free
franc, unit of currency in France; unit of currency in several European countries (including Belgium and Switzerland); Frankish, old Germanic language spoken by the Franks


(n.) = franc.
Ex: For example, if the local currency is Belgian francs, monetary amount are always entered in whole francs.
* franco belga = Belgian franc.
* franco francés = French franc.
(adj.) = outspoken ; frank ; candid ; sincere ; up-front [up front] ; blunt ; avowedly ; forthright ; heart-to-heart ; open-hearted ; unreserved.
Ex: Sanford Berman has been an early, continuing, and outspoken advocate of user-oriented cataloging service.
Ex: He was a frank elitist living in an age of rampant equalitarianism.
Ex: To do this is to thwart the goal of eliciting genuine dialogue -- candid, searching, and purposeful discussion -- and motivating students to think, to study, to weigh ideas, and to develop their own solutions.
Ex: There are many sincere librarians who are alert to the dangers inherent when libraries take positions on issues.
Ex: The author recommends the up-front negotiation of ownership accompanied by a written agreement to eliminate the possibility of doubt as to the identity of the owner.
Ex: The author discusses the range of enquiries he deals with, the sources of information he uses, and the blunt attitude with which he deals with many enquirers.
Ex: Thus Jewett's rules, avowedly 'founded upon those adopted for the compilation of the catalogue of the British Museum,' will be found on comparison to resemble more strikingly those of the AACR published one and a quarter century later than those of Panizzi, published only one decade earlier.
Ex: We have been told once, in clear and forthright terms, what it is that we need.
Ex: Be it your sweetheart/a family member/a friend, send a heart-to-heart message and let them know how much they mean to you.
Ex: I agree with you that there should be open-hearted dialogue and discussion between the people of these two countries.
Ex: I will be thankful to the readers for their unreserved comments on the book.
* golpe franco = free kick.
* golpe franco directo = direct free kick.
* golpe franco indirecto = indirect free kick.
* lengua franca = lingua franca.
* para ser franco = to be blunt ; in all honesty.
* piso franco = safe house.

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