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fringe; bar


(n.) = band ; stripe ; swath [swathe] ; belt ; runner.
Ex: The cords themselves could be placed either outside the backs of the folded sheets, where they would show as raised bands across the spine of the book, or in slots sawn into the folds to give the book a flat back.
Ex: This paper describes an oscillating chemical reaction, and discusses numerous parallels to it in research, such as in fibrillation of the heart, body-clock rhythms of animals and plants, the self-assembly of multicellular organisms, and certain stripes in volcanic rock.
Ex: Blair's determination to stand 'shoulder to shoulder' with a Bush administration on the warpath put him at odds with a vast swath of British public opinion.
Ex: While Singapore enterprises are active in China's thriving eastern and coastal belt, the western region remains almost virgin territory to them.
Ex: Even a plain, white material will work, when you crest it with a burgundy, russet, orange, red, or yellow runner.
* franja decorativa = runner.
* franja de Gaza, la = Gaza Strip, the.
* Franja de las Heladas, la = Frost Belt, the.
* Franja del Sol, la = Sun Belt, the.
* franja horaria = time slot.
* franja salarial = salary scale ; salary band.

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