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frenetic, crazy, wild, frenzied
frantic, frenzied

frenetic frenetic, berserk, frantic, frenzied


(adj.) = frantic ; frenetic ; furious ; delirious ; ecstatic ; manic ; berserk ; frenzied.
Ex: Frantic assistants fell over each other's feet trying to retrieve tickets from the rows and rows of issue trays = Los frenéticos auxiliares tropezaban unos con otros intentando coger los tickets de las filas y filas de cajones de préstamo.
Ex: In the sometimes frenetic push towards international cooperation among research libraries, the library needs of the nonscholar are easily overlooked.
Ex: 'Punch' satirised the opponents more cruelly: 'Here is an institution doomed to scare the furious devotees of laissez faire'.
Ex: The annals of bibliography afford many examples of the delirious extent to which book-fancying can go, when the legitimate delight in a book is transferred to a rare edition of a manuscript.
Ex: The letter sent Tomas Hernandez into a frenzy of conflicting reactions: ecstatic jubilation and ego-tripping, wild speculation and outrageous fantasy, compounded by confusion and indirection.
Ex: Rowe's style can be characterized as ricocheting from one idea, quotation, or anecdote to another, and there is a manic quality to the reasoning.
Ex: Today, hyperbolic comic and cartoon imagery is an established movie aesthetic -- a berserk but ironic Pop Art expressionism.
Ex: There was a frenzied last-minute rush by Indians to do their bit to see the Taj Mahal through to the elite list of the new Seven Wonders of the World.
* estar frenético = be furious.
* poner + Alguien + frenético = make + Alguien + furious.
* ponerse frenético = go + postal ; go + crazy ; work up + a lather ; tear + Posesivo + hair out ; be furious.
* volverse frenético = go + berserk ; go + postal ; go + crazy ; work up + a lather.

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