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brake; bridle; check; restraint; deterrent


(n.) = brake.
Ex: And it has to be recognized that the very popularity of the scheme will always act as a brake on the most radical editorial team.
* conducir utilizando los frenos en lugar de las marchas = drive on brakes.
* freno antibloqueo = antilock brake.
* freno de disco = disc brake.
* freno de emergencia = emergency brake.
* freno de mano = hand brake [handbrake].
* freno de pie = foot brake [footbrake].
* freno de tambor = drum brake.
* líquido de frenos = brake fluid.
* luz de freno = brake light ; stoplamp ; stoplight.
* mordaza de frenos = brake caliper ; caliper.
* pastilla de frenos = brake pad.
* pedal del freno = brake pedal.
* pisar el freno = apply + the brakes.
* sangrado de frenos = brake bleeding.
* sistema de frenos = brake system ; braking system.
* zapata de freno = brake shoe.
(n.) = disincentive ; inhibition.
Ex: Reclassification can be a major exercise involving much relation of stock, and this is clearly a disincentive to the complete revision of the classified stock.
Ex: This has been a major source of inhibition to the development of British efforts to create a bank of microcopy versions of theses accepted.
* poner freno = curb.
* poner freno a = place + a curb on ; clamp down on ; stem ; stem + the tide of.
(n.) = bit.
Nota: Generalmente de caballo.
Ex: Horse-trappings include the saddle, stirrups, bridle (reins and bit), and ornamental fittings, such as bells and saddle decorations.

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