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functionary, official, one who holds a certain office (especially in government); servant; clerk

officer, official


(n.) = tenured ; civil servant ; functionary ; state employee ; government employee.
Ex: Craig Duff, aged 57 and a tenured professional librarian at the associate professor rank, had worked at the Medical Center library for 29 years.
Ex: This document is about civil servants in the Home Office, and the working conditions of civil servants.
Ex: But for books to act as media of communication there must be functionaries who work together to enable the person who has something to communicate to present the person being communicated to with the object, the book.
Ex: But he is completely wrong to say that he as a state employee is utterly blamelessfor the mess our pensions and state budgets are in.
Ex: For the first time there are decidedly more government employees than goods-producing employees according to the Department of Labor.
* alto funcionario = high official.
* funcionario del ayuntamiento = city official ; city worker.
* funcionario de prisiones = prison warder ; gaoler [jailer, -USA] ; prison guard ; prison officer ; correction(s) officer.
* funcionario público = civil servant ; public functionary ; public employee ; government servant ; public servant.
* no funcionario = non-tenured ; untenured.

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