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gun; fusil, light musket; rifle
shoot; fusillade, fire many weapons at once; volley


(n.) = rifle.
Ex: A perusal of the text has revealed that the Napoleonic handgun was the musket and that rifles were used in special situations.
* fusil semiautomático = self-loading rifle ; semi-automatic rifle.
(v.) = shoot.
Ex: The book has a blue mottled sheepskin binding signed by Antoine Menard, a famous bookbinder who was shot in Paris by a firing squad in 1871 but feigned death and escaped to Spain.
* fusilar en el acto = shoot on + sight.
* fusilar sobre la marcha = shoot on + sight.
(v.) = cannibalise [cannibalize, -USA] ; ransack.
Ex: This article considers that the potential for cannibalising existing data base products should be a cause for concern for those database products planning to introduce information products based on CD-ROM = Este artículo considera que la posibilidad de "fusilar" las bases de datos existentes debería ser motivo de preocupación para aquellos productores que planean introducir productos informativos en CD-ROM.
Ex: They are one-sidedly ransacking his writings to 'cherry-pick' and string together whatever can possibly be lifted out and turned against him.

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