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glasses, eyeglasses, spectacles, set of lenses attached to a frame and used improve vision
grapple, clamp
hook, ensnare; hang; jinx, bring bad luck upon
knackered, exhausted, tired out; erratic, unsettled

glasses, spectacles


(n.) = glasses ; eyeglasses ; spectacles ; specs.
Nota: Abreviatura de spectacles.
Ex: Then he peered over his glasses at us and said, 'Different points of view'.
Ex: Then he paused and adjusted his eyeglasses.
Ex: Panopoulos put her arms on the desk, interlocked her fingers, and forward, her eyes glinting with rage behind her thick spectacles.
Ex: For example, all the children interviewed said they had experienced teasing as a result of their wearing specs.
* bucear con gafas y tubo = snorkel.
* buceo con gafas y tubo = snorkel(l)ing.
* con gafas = bespectacled.
* gafas bifocales = bifocal glasses ; bifocals.
* gafas de bucear = scuba mask.
* gafas de buzo = scuba mask.
* gafas de montura de cuerno = horn-rimmed glasses ; hipster glasses.
* gafas de protección = safety glasses.
* gafas de sol = sunglasses ; shades.
* gafas graduadas = prescription glasses.
* gafas para leer = reading glasses.
* gafas para nadar = swimming goggles.
* gafas protectoras = goggles ; protective goggles.
* gafas y tubo de bucear = snorkel ; snorkel.
* necesitar gafas para leer = need + reading glasses.
* patilla de gafas = glasses frame arm.
(v.) = jinx.
Ex: She's afraid of becoming too involved with anyone for fear that she'll 'jinx' them like she 'jinxed' her husband.

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