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gain, profit, return, revenue



(n.) = earnings ; gain ; profit ; profit margin ; financial gain.
Ex: It was noteworthy that nearly all SLIS were maintaining their IT materials as much, if not more, from earnings from entrepreneurial activity than out of institutional allocation.
Ex: This is likely to lead to shorter and less complex profiles for searches, and the gains will be most obvious in a natural language system.
Ex: As the quantity increased the printer's capital investment, which was always alarmingly high, rose with it, and his profit as a percentage of investment fell.
Ex: This article discusses vendors' costs and profit margins and suggests librarians should expect either bigger discounts or more added-value services, but not both.
Ex: Books are stolen for financial gain or out of an excessive passion for the volumes themselves.
* fuente de ganancias = money-maker ; cash cow ; money spinner.
* ganancia anual = annual profit.
* ganancia bruta = gross profit.
* ganancia de capital = capital gain.
* ganancias = proceeds ; return ; spoils ; winnings.
* ganancias de la inversión = return on investment (ROI) ; investment returns.
* ganancias en relación con la inversión = return on investment (ROI).
* impuesto sobre las ganancias = profit(s) tax.
* margen de ganancia = markup rate ; markup [mark-up] ; profit margin.
* muchas ganancias = high return.
* obtener ganancia = gain + benefit.
(n.) = proceeds ; return ; spoils ; winnings.
Ex: A companionship was a team of piecework compositors, led by one of their number, who co-operated in the setting of a book and submitted a single bill for the work, the proceeds of which were then divided amongst themselves. Ex: Some CD-ROM publishers charge as much as possible and skim the market for the fastest and highest possible return. Ex: As more colleges and university libraries pursue outside funding, the spoils increasingly will go to those institutions which are best prepared for the rigours of fundraising. Ex: The title of the article is 'The winnings, losings, loathings, fears, and fortunes of 8,500 American Library Association conferees who went to Las Vegas'.

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