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guarantee, vouch
escrow; guarantee, pledge; undertaking; warranty; safeguard; pawn; attestation


(n.) = assurance ; warranty ; guarantor ; guarantee ; escrow ; surety ; guaranty ; earnest money.
Ex: The agreement of both pieces of information with the borrower file is added assurance that the borrower is who he says he is.
Ex: Is there a warranty? TR assurance, guarantee.
Ex: University presses have acted as guarantors of high standards in scholarly communications.
Ex: This growth has been haphazard and unco-ordinated, with no guarantee of continuity.
Ex: Using this protocol, people would place donations in escrow, to be released to an author in the event that the promised work be put in the public domain.
Ex: If the contractor defaults in his performance and fails to fulfill his contractual promises, the surety can itself complete the contract, or pay damages up to the limit of the bond.
Ex: The offer shall be accompanied by a certified check for one hundred thousand dollars, as a guaranty of good faith.
Ex: Along with the sales contract, you may also be asked to make a deposit, called earnest money, as a sign of your good faith or seriousness of your offer to buy the house.
* dar en garantía = pawn.
* dejar en garantía = pledge.
* entregar en garantía = pledge.
* garantía de calidad = quality assurance (QA).
* garantía de compra = proof of purchase.
* garantía de devolución del dinero = money back offer ; money back guarantee.
* garantía del usuario = user warrant.
* garantía de por vida = life guarantee ; lifetime guarantee.
* garantía en depósito = escrow.
* garantía para toda la vida = lifetime guarantee ; life guarantee.
* ofrecer la garantía de = provide + the stamp of.
* poner en garantía = pawn.
* Sección de Garantía del Asesoramiento Agrícola y del Fondo de Garantía Europ = Guarantee Section of the European Agricultural Guidance and Guarantee Fund (EAGGF) ; Guarantee Section of the European Agricultural Guidance and Guarantee Fund (EAGGF).

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