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brilliant; genial, affable; masterly; individual; typical



(adj.) = brilliant ; inspired ; masterly ; masterful ; great ; to die for ; full of genius.
Ex: This conference has been blessed with the presence of the brilliant mind of Seymour Lubetzky.
Ex: The file-as-is principle means that collocation of similar headings is provided by the consistent use of uniform headings, and does not rely upon their inspired filing.
Ex: He shows a masterly command of imagery throughout, but his style has always left little margin for error, and the errors here are bothersome.
Ex: He was a masterful storyteller who could modulate from the sublime to the scatological in the blink of an eye.
Ex: Click on 'add new experience', provide as much details as you can, and let us know why you think they are so great.
Ex: This is a story that can't possibly work or affect us, but it does, deeply, sweetly -- it's a novel to die for.
Ex: The problem with Ireland is that it's a country full of genius, but with absolutely no talent.
* de una manera genial = in a masterful way.
* idea genial = brain wave ; bright idea.
* pasárselo genial = have + a whale of a time.

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