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managing, having a tendency to manage or control; economical, frugal, thrifty
manager, executive, director



(n.) = manager [manageress, -fem.] ; registrar ; manageress [manager, -masc.] ; office manager ; business manager ; financial officer ; city manager ; town manager ; city budget director ; secretary ; provost.
Ex: Such hosts are more likely to be accessed by end-users such as economists and managers, than information workers.
Ex: The article 'Museum data bank report: the yogi and the registrar' is a contribution to an issue devoted to linking art objects and art information.
Ex: Personality profiles of managers and managereses show little relevant difference.
Ex: This department is headed by a general office manager who has a staff of bookkeepers, billing clerks, comptrollers, and secretaries.
Ex: Watman wondered how the profession would react to the idea of a business manager instead of assistant.
Ex: Financial officers in publishing are responsible for the business operation of the company.
Ex: This paper describes a case study where a proposal by the city manager to cut the budget of the public library by 40% has left the library director very disheartened.
Ex: Department heads estimate their expenditures for the coming year and submit them to the town manager, who approves or disapproves them.
Ex: The city budget director announced that in the next fiscal year the city of Deuxville will adopt a program budget format.
Ex: Donald P Hammer, Executive secretary of LITA, and Dorothy Butler, the Division's Administrative secretary, handled all of the administrative details, arrangements, and logistics.
Ex: Librarians have accumulated a lot more capital than we think, and provosts want librarians to be risk takers.
* gerente de restaurante = restaurant manager.
* gerente de ventas = sales manager.

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