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tour, circuit
gyrate, rotate; move in spiral motion, twist, whirl; derange; revolve, turn

circular tour, tour

it rotates

(n.) = roadshow.
Ex: A Document Management roadshow has been touring some major cities in the UK, promoting the benefits of Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS).
* autobús de gira turística = touring bus.
* gira relámpago = whistle-stop [whistlestop].
* gira turística = bus tour.
* gira turística en autobús = bus tour.
* hacer una gira de = tour.
* iniciar una gira = hit + the road ; hit + the trail ; beat + the trail.
(v.) = deflect ; rotate ; turn ; whirl ; twist ; spin around ; revolve ; swing ; swing back ; wind ; swivel ; twirl ; gyrate ; spin ; wheel ; veer.
Ex: On deflecting one of these levers to the right he runs through the book before him, each page in turn being projected at a speed which just allows a recognizing glance at each.
Ex: The computer creates a series of entries by rotating the component terms with which it has been provided.
Ex: The brightness can be adjusted by turning the two knobs at the lower right of the screen.
Ex: Visitors would laugh at the workman's jerking and whirling with the mould, but that was where the skill lay.
Ex: The cheeks were braced from their tops to the ceiling, to prevent the press from twisting or shifting about in use.
Ex: With considerable reluctance, he spun his chair around and was about to return to his papers when Preston Huish put his head into the room.
Ex: This was the cylinder machine, which formed a web of paper not on an endless belt of woven wire but on a cylinder covered with wire mesh (looking like a large dandy roll) which revolved half-submerged in a vat of stuff.
Ex: The article has the title 'The pendulum swings to the right: censorship in the eighties'.
Ex: Matrix and mould were pivoted and were brought up to the nozzle of a metal pump for the moment of casting, and then swung back to eject the new-made letter.
Ex: Bring the kite down by slowly winding the kite string around a kite spool.
Ex: The light direction can be controlled by swivelling the reflector.
Ex: A hula hoop is a toy hoop that is twirled around the waist, limbs, or neck.
Ex: The women dance, stamping their feet, clapping and chanting while some of them gyrate their hips suggestively in the centre of the circle.
Ex: In summary, the fluid in your ears still sloshing around causes you to feel dizzy when you stop spinning in one direction.
Ex: Around its shrouded summit the regal birds wheeled by the hundreds, their plangent wails and cackles echoing off the black volcanic slopes.
Ex: I called her to heel and she fell into step nicely, but after a few paces she veered left to go sniff something.
* argumento + girar en torno a = argument + revolve around.
* cuestión + girar en torno a = question + revolve around.
* discusión + girar en torno a = discussion + centre around.
* girar 180 grados = move + 180 degrees.
* girar a la derecha = turn + right ; turn to + the right ; make + a right turn.
* girar a la izquierda = make + a left turn ; turn + left ; turn to + the left.
* girar al descubierto = overdraw ; overdraft.
* girar alrededor de = spin about ; orbit.
* girar bruscamente = swerve.
* girar en torno a = hinge on/upon ; revolve around ; circle around.
* girar hacia abajo = turn + Nombre + downwards.
* girar hacia arriba = turn + Nombre + upwards.
* girar hacia dentro = turn + Nombre + inwards.
* girar hacia fuera = turn + Nombre + outwards.
* girar hacia un lado = turn to + one side.
* girar media vuelta = swing in + a half-circle.
* girar sobre un pivote = pivot.
* hacer girar = twiddle ; twirl.
* mundo + girar en torno a = enterprise + revolve on.
* polémica + girar en torno a = controversy + revolve around.
* problemas + girar en torno a = problems + turn on ; problems + revolve around.
* que hace girar la mirada = head-turning.

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