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globe, ball, orb; balloon, air balloon; bowl; lob



(n.) = globe ; balloon.
Ex: A globe is a model of a celestial body, usually the earth or the celestial sphere, depicted on the surface of a sphere.
Ex: 'That's not realistic,' he said and looked at her, as if to indicate that the balloon of her argument had suddenly had a pin stuck in it, and was expiring with a hiss.
* globo aerostático = hot-air balloon.
* globo de aire caliente = hot-air balloon.
* globo de ensayo = trial balloon.
* globo de prueba = trial balloon.
* globo, el = globe, the.
* globo ocular = eyeball.
* globo publicitario = advertising balloon.
* globo sonda = trial balloon.
* pez globo = puffer fish ; blowfish ; globefish ; puffer.

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