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goal, place into which a player must put a ball in order to score points against the opposing team (Sports); point scored (Sports)


(n.) = goal.
Ex: Kristen Taylor leads Carolina with three goals and an assist.
* anular un gol = disallow + goal.
* diferencia de goles = goal difference.
* encajar un gol = let in + a goal.
* gol de la victoria = winning goal.
* gol del empate = equaliser [equalizer, -USA].
* gol desde saque de esquina = corner kick goal.
* gol en propia meta = own goal.
* gol en propia portería = own goal.
* gol fuera de juego = offside goal.
* gol olímpico = corner kick goal.
* marcar un gol = score + a goal ; score ; poach + a goal ; net + a goal.
* sin goles = scoreless.
* tres goles en un mismo partido = hat trick.

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