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(derogatory) fatty
fat, thick; corpulent, portly, top; hard; greasy, fatty
fatso, (Slang) obese person (derogatory); suet, hard crumbly fat found in the kidneys or loins of cattle and other animals (used in cooking and making tallow)

fat, fatty, greasy



(n.) = fattie ; fat lump ; fat lump of lard ; fatso.
Ex: That makes him sound bad, but he isn't -- He's a man who married a 22-year-old hottie only to wind up with a 35-year-old fattie.
Ex: I saw her on the telly the other day and she still looked like a fat lump to me.
Ex: This brand new book is going to turn you from a useless fat lump of lard into a tender caring, satisfying, lover for the woman you love.
Ex: We are becoming a nation of wimps, fatsos and crybabies because we have created a hypersensitive social and legal environment.
* sudar la gota gorda = work + Posesivo + arse off.
(adj.) = fat ; porky ; lardy ; obese ; stout .
Ex: The article is entitled 'America the slim: or, where are the fat children in picture books'.
Ex: Anyone that knows me will tell you that this time last year, I was a very porky guy.
Ex: I am a lardy person, 18 stone, and as a part of my new fitness regime I have got myself back into cycling to work.
Ex: Obese children who had lost weight substantially were compared to obese children without substantial weight loss matched for age, gender, and pubertal stage.
Ex: He carries his weight well, and is quite athletic for such a stout guy.
* dedo gordo del pie, el = big toe, the.
* demasiado gordo = overweight.
* golpearse el dedo gordo = stub + Posesivo + toe.
* hacer la vista gorda = look + the other way ; turn + a blind eye to ; pretend + not to have seen.
* hacerle a Alguien sudar la gota gorda = give + Nombre + a hard time ; give + Nombre + a hard ride.
* hacer sudar la gota gorda = push + Nombre + to the edge ; drive + Nombre + to the edge.
* mentira (muy) gorda = big fat lie.
* peces gordos, los = top brass, the.
* pez gordo = power player ; big wheel ; big shot ; big noise ; big wig ; fat cat.
* pez gordo, el = top banana, the.
* premio gordo = jackpot.
* sal gorda = kitchen salt ; cooking salt ; coarse salt.
* sudar la gota gorda = sweat + buckets ; sweat + blood ; work + Posesivo + butt off ; slog + Posesivo + guts out ; sweat + bullets ; have + a hard time ; work + Posesivo + tail off ; work + Posesivo + ass off ; work + Posesivo + proverbials off.
* sueldo de pez gordo = fat-cat salary.
* tropezar con el dedo gordo = stub + Posesivo + toe.
(adj.) = chunky .
Ex: This is the best recipe you will find for making the most chunky and crispy chips in the world!.

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