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engrave; record; impress, imprint; encumber; incise


engrave, to

to record

(v.) = cut into ; download ; etch ; brand (as) ; incise ; record.
Ex: For most of the period woodcuts for letterpress printing were made of a hard, fine-grained wood (such as box or a fruit wood) cut into the side of the plank along the grain.
Ex: To download is to capture data online from a remote host computer and transfer it to the store of an in-house standalone system, eg a microcomputer, for processing.
Ex: The idea was forever etched in his consciousness from the day Crane uttered it: a good librarian working anywhere is a credit and benefit to libraries everywhere.
Ex: Music by Jewish composers and works were branded in Nazi Germany as degenerate art.
Ex: Our books today mix CAPITALS, from letters Romans incised on stone monuments, and 'lower case' letters, derived from script developed in Ireland for parchment manuscripts.
Ex: Editors and compilers of editions of works are recorded together with the edition statement in the edition area = En en área de edición se incluyen los editores y compiladores de las ediciones de trabajos junto con la mención de edición.
* estar grabado en la memoria = imprint on + consciousness.
* grabar al ácido = etch.
* grabar en audio = audio record.
* grabar en CD = burn to + disc.
* grabar en cinta = tape-record [tape record] ; tape.
* grabar en el estudio = film in + the studio.
* grabar en exteriores = film on + location.
* grabar en la memoria = imprint on + consciousness.
* grabar en la mente de Alguien = engrave in + Posesivo + mind.
* grabar en piedra = engrave in + stone.
* grabar en relieve = emboss.
* grabar en vídeo = videotape ; video record.
* sin grabar = unengraved.

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