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Grenada, island state in the eastern West Indies; city in Spain
pomegranate, type of red fruit that has a tough skin and many seeds; grenade, small missile containing an explosive (thrown by hand or fired from a mounted launcher)
select, choice, superior, prime; full-grown, totally developed or grown; tall

grenade, pomegranate



pomegranate (fruit)

(n.) = pomegranate.
Ex: The fungus was also found on mouldy stamens of pomegranates.
(n.) = grenade.
Ex: Children were more likely to be injured by unexploded ordnance (which includes grenades, bombs, mortar shells, and cluster munitions), whereas adults were injured mostly by landmines.
* granada de mano = hand grenade.
* lanzador de granadas = grenade launcher.
(v.) = go to + seed.
Ex: This is a familiar sight for those who struggle with their lawns -- a dandelion has gone to seed insuring another crop of dandelions will arise shortly.

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