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fissure, narrow crack; cleft, seam, crack


= cracks and crevices.
Ex: Her terra cotta reliefs were obtained by pressing wet clay into cracks and crevices in sidewalks in New York City. (n.) = cleavage ; fissure ; crack ; cranny ; crevice ; crevasse ; chink ; fracture.
Ex: After the Civil War, Emerson saw in collegiate education 'a cleavage occurring in the hitherto firm granite of the past'.
Ex: Fissures within British society and inadequate public funding meant that libraries were not linked to communities to the degree that they were in America.
Ex: The author attempts to explain the events of 1997 in which the cracks and crumbling of the information industry showed in mergers and closures.
Ex: Where harm over the Internet is caused by viruses, hidden in 'crannies' in the network, traditional legal enforcement is more difficult.
Ex: Rampant commercialism is seeping into every crevice of American culture.
Ex: Solutions proposed by climbers included using more latrines and using crevasses to dispose of waste.
Ex: War of words exposed chinks in coalition.
Ex: In soccer, females injured their toe 17% more than males and sustained 19% more fractures.
* grieta del grosor de un pelo = hairline crack.
* grietas = cracks and crevices.
* salir grietas = develop + cracks.
* tapar grietas = caulk + cracks ; chink.

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