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gross; coarse, crude, vulgar; disgusting, offensive
earthy; double chin


(adj.) = rude ; churlish ; abusive ; vulgar ; uncouth ; coarse ; gross ; churl ; boorish ; short ; short-tempered ; off-hand [offhand] ; tasteless ; crass ; loutish ; roughshod ; quick-tempered ; ill-tempered ; caddish.
Ex: 'That young man was terribly rude'.
Ex: 'He's slipping back into a churlish mood', the director said averting his eyes.
Ex: Reference supervisors have a responsibility to protect their staff as well as other library users from the unpleasant, abusive behavior of some persons.
Ex: This paper is a somewhat whimsical glance backwards, recalling 6 vulgar American parodies of 7 enduring songs.
Ex: All the writers chosen characterized eastern Europe throughout the 18th century as uncouth and backward.
Ex: The sections of a book were stapled to a coarse cloth backing, but unfortunately the staples soon rusted and became brittle.
Ex: Janell has always had a soft spot in her heart for animals most people might find gross.
Ex: Then again, who but a churl could fail to grieve at the waste of an artistic life of such immensity and grandeur?.
Ex: He says he dislikes Rose way more because she is a big mouth, intolerant, boorish, know-it-all and always talking about her gay life.
Ex: He first spotted trouble when she started being short with users and so he solved the problem by scaling back her workload.
Ex: A medical doctor had told him that the reason why women have faster pulse beats is because they are short-tempered.
Ex: The osteopath was accused of being off-hand with a female patient and not putting her at ease.
Ex: Of the hundreds of figurines currently on the market, here are the most bizarrely tasteless.
Ex: In these new book, he is still at bay, pursued by the hounds of desire and anxiety in a literary world ever more crass.
Ex: London is a teeming haven of loutish boors whose idea of sophistication is to get drunk and tell bawdy gags.
Ex: The police were roughshod while interrogating and arresting the two for suspicion of involvement in the fray.
Ex: Lawson was a quick-tempered young woman but she also had a good heart and liked to dance when the mood struck her.
Ex: Ill-tempered girls were also twice as likely as even-tempered girls to be divorced women at midlife (26% vs. 12%).
Ex: He made a very boorish, embarassing, humiliating, inappropriate, caddish toast at their wedding.
* lenguage grosero = foul language.
* lenguaje grosero = offensive language ; rude language ; crude language.
* ser grosero con = be abusive of.

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