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harness, straps and other parts by which a draft animal is attached to a vehicle; saddlery, saddles and related equipment; fittings, equipment
garniture, trimming; equipment; guard; garrison; facing

(n.) = horse trappings ; horse tack.
Ex: Horse-trappings include the saddle, stirrups, bridle (reins and bit), and ornamental fittings, such as bells and saddle decorations. Ex: They offer a large selection of quality horse tack and supplies at great prices, including cinches. (n.) = garnish ; garnishing ; trimming ; side dish ; garnishment.
Ex: They are cooked in boiling salted water or stock, and are served as garnish to soups or other dishes.
Ex: For garnishing use a strand of lemon or orange peel on the plate.
Ex: Their patties are about 8 inches across, and served on huge buns with lots of trimmings.
Ex: These butter beans are so tender they practically melt in your mouth and they make a great side dish to any meal.
Ex: You can dress up any plate of food with garnishment, but knowing how to garnish food can be confusing for anyone who has not previously tried.
* con toda su guarnición = with all the trimmings.
* de guarnición = on the side.
* guarnición de madera = wooden furniture.
* guarnición de metal = metal furniture.
* guarniciones = horse trappings ; horse tack.
* tropas de guarnición = garrison troops.
(n.) = garrison.
Ex: Thirty-five cannons with a range of one and one-half miles once defended the region, and 17 of them still lie within the garrison.
* guarnición militar = garrison.

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