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like, enjoy; taste; please; love; interest

it would like it would like

(v.) = appreciate ; be fond of ; like ; wish ; love ; please ; have + a liking for ; be keen on ; be into ; strike + Posesivo + fancy ; fancy ; get + a buzz from ; take + a fancy to ; take + a shine to ; take + a liking to ; go down + well with ; take to ; be to + Posesivo + liking.
Ex: Most users would appreciate disciplines placed adjacent to related disciplines.
Ex: MARIAN EVANS, who wrote as GEORGE ELIOT, was at times fond of identifying herself as MRS. GEORGE HENRY LEWES, and eventually actually became MRS. JOHN WALTER CROSS.
Ex: But the incompleteness of information can be turned into an asset by challenging students to specify what additional information they would like and how they would attempt to get it.
Ex: Step 1 Familiarisation: A searcher must be adequately familiar with that which he wishes to retrieve.
Ex: All these novels are about young women meeting handsome men, at first disliking them and then discovering that they love them, with the inescapable 'happy ending' which means matrimony in these cases.
Ex: By polar contrast the book for the mass culture reader, the 'consumer', simply aims to please.
Ex: I have a liking for novels which use techniques for disturbing the usual steady flow of sequential narrative with perhaps a flashback or two.
Ex: Librarians were most keen on the self-help aspects of community information.
Ex: As one librarian summarized, 'people are not into the stuffed looking, dingy, dust smelling type of libraries anymore ... they expect atmospheres more like coffeehouses or nice bookstores'.
Ex: Most books for children are selected by looking along the shelf until an attractive cover, familiar author's name or familiar title strikes the reader's fancy.
Ex: He was popular because he was good at sport and talked a lot about girls he fancied.
Ex: How anyone can get a buzz from laying into someone is beyond me; it's not nice to see it happen - too many times have I seen people beaten up over nothing.
Ex: He is a collector who wants to form a collection by making his own paintings of pictures he has taken a fancy to in other people's houses.
Ex: She took a shine to Sheldon, and before he knows what has happened, the misanthropic physicist finds himself with a girlfriend.
Ex: He quickly took a liking to American clothing stores and acquired a taste for fast-food restaurants.
Ex: The recent High Court verdict banning hookah parlours has not gone down well with hoteliers in the city.
Ex: Who knows how the pony will take to it, or if she will even enjoy the discipline that your friend wants to train her for.
Ex: She had been searching for the appropriate gift but none was to her liking = Había estado buscando el regalo adecuado pero ninguno era de su agrado.
* a mí también me gustaría tener la misma oportunidad = turnabout is fair play.
* ciertamente me gustaría = I sure wish.
* dejar de gustar = go off.
* empezar a gustar la idea = warm up to + the idea.
* gustar la ceremonia = stand on + ceremony.
* gustar la idea de = fancy + the idea of.
* gustar las faldas = be a bit of a lad.
* gustarle a Uno Algo = be amused by.
* gustar los formalismos = stand on + ceremony.
* gustar muchísimo = love + Nombre + to bits ; love + Nombre + to death.
* gustar mucho = come up + a treat ; go down + a treat ; be fond of.
* gustar mucho las mujeres = womanise [womanize, -USA].
* gustar mucho lo dulce = have + a sweet tooth.
* gustar una hartá = love + Nombre + to bits ; love + Nombre + to death.
* gustar + Verbo = be neat to + Verbo.
* me gustaría = I shoud like.
* me gustaría muchísimo = I sure wish.
* no gustar = have + a dislike for ; dislike ; be uncomfortable + Gerundio ; be uncomfortable with ; feel + uncomfortable with ; feel + uncomfortable + Gerundio.
* nos gusten o no = like them or not.
* nos guste o no = like it or not.
* persona que no le gusta leer = aliterate.
* Pronombre + gustar + o no = whether + Pronombre + like it or not.
* ser lo que a Uno le gusta = be (right) up + Posesivo + alley ; be + Posesivo + cup of tea.
* ser lo que a Uno más le gusta = be + Posesivo + big scene.
* si no te gusta, te aguantas = like it or lump it ; if you don't like it you can lump it.
* te gusten o no = love 'em or hate 'em.

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