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habitation, residence, place where one lives; habitat, place in which an animal or plant naturally grows or lives; room, compartment of space marked off by walls within a building

roomful, room chamber, room


room room

(n.) = room ; suite.
Ex: The open-plan flexible library can be enonomical since overseeing is facilitated by the openness rather than be dividing the building into rooms or halls, thereby requiring less staff.
Ex: The centre includes information in many formats, computers, audiovisual facilities, a recording studio and an editing suite.
* alquilar habitaciones = take in + lodgers.
* comida y habitación = board and lodging.
* compañero de habitación = roommate ; roomie.
* compartir habitación = room (with).
* en habitación doble = double occupancy.
* en habitación individual = single occupancy.
* en la misma habitación = ensuite.
* en la propia habitación = ensuite.
* habitación con cama doble = double room.
* habitación con vistas al mar = ocean view room.
* habitación con vistas al océano = ocean view room.
* habitación de estudio = private study ; study facilities.
* habitación de hotel = guest room.
* habitación de matrimonio = double room.
* habitación de residencia de estudiantes = dorm room.
* habitación doble = twin room ; double bedroom.
* habitación llena de = roomful.
* habitación para cambiar bebés = baby changing room ; baby changing facility.
* habitación para practicar con instrumentos musicales = room for music-making.
* habitación sencilla = single room.
* precio de la habitación = room rate.
* reservar una habitación = book + room.
* salir de la habitación = step out of + the room.
* servicio de habitaciones = room service.

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