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gossiper, one who gossips; talker, one who talks, talkative person, chatty person
talkative, loquacious, gabby
talker; driveler; communicant; gossip

(adj.) = talker ; talkative ; chattery ; chatterbox ; chatty ; gabby ; gobby .
Nota: También escrito gabby.
Ex: A voluble talker, he is known as a person with a large talent and a large ego.
Ex: Both blacks & whites perceived themselves as active, caring, critical, emotional, friendly, individualistic, intelligent, & talkative.
Ex: He is very chattery when he wants to be, and the rest of the time really chilled out and very rarely stressed.
Ex: The ebullient Mr Wang is a chatterbox and a bit of a show-off.
Ex: Lulu is a friendly, chatty parrot and we urge everyone in and around this area to keep their eyes peeled for her.
Ex: I hate to talk on the phone but can be rather gabby in real life.
Ex: I'm quite gobby and will just go up and speak to anyone, I was one of those pesky kids at school.

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