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southwards, southward

" southward (direction); southwards (direction)"

= southward(s) ; southbound ; southerly ; southernly ; in a southerly direction.
Ex: After lunch we'll travel southwards to Culzean Castle, the ancestral home of the Kennedy family. Ex: If you look at the tube map northbound is up, southbound is down, eastbound is right and westbound is left. Ex: Scotland's most southerly distillery nestles on the green banks of the River Bladnoch, from which it takes its name. Ex: 5 bedroom detached family home with a magnificent mature southernly rear garden. Ex: Continue down this road, crossing various traffic lights, in a southerly direction, until the Rondebult intersection = Continúe por este camino, cruzando varios semáforos, en dirección sur, hasta la intersección Rondebult.

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