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hitherto, as yet, until now, up to now

to date (general)

= as yet ; hitherto ; so far ; thus far ; to date ; up to now ; yet ; heretofore ; all along ; up to this point ; by now ; as of today ; until now ; up until now ; up till now ; till now ; to this day.
Ex: A second objective of union catalogues -- to make library resources available when and where they are needed -- has not then as yet been fully achieved. Ex: It offers to the librarian, the student, the teacher, the sociologist of knowledge, and the publisher a type of statistic not hitherto considered. Ex: The classification schemes that have been considered so far are general bibliographic classification schemes in that they attempt to encompass all of knowledge. Ex: Thus far the results are very encouraging and we definitely will be proceeding along this way. Ex: Two major projects in this area have been conducted to date. Ex: What is going to happen to those records that have been produced up to now under superimposition and therefore have headings that were created according to the ALA 1949 or even according to earlier codes?. Ex: The article suggests that this technique is the most transparent and equitable system yet devised. Ex: If some or all of the suggested entries are made, many more entries will be made than heretofore. Ex: 'I know you want to do the best job you can -- not that you haven't all along'. Ex: Up to this point, the discussion has covered what kind of research is not needed. Ex: It will be evident by now that the microcomputer market is a complex place. Ex: As of today, there are no references to this issue in the literature. Ex: Until now, librarians have not been concerned with providing access to faculty owned collections. Ex: However, there are weaknesses with the formal notations used up until now. Ex: Nevertheless, femininity has up till now always been the dominant trait of the alienation of women, and masculinity that of men. Ex: Till now the comfort of fans has been the last thing on the minds of many clubs. Ex: Standardization never became quite complete, especially as regards height-to-paper; the Clarendon Press sturdily retains the so-called Dutch height of 23-851 mm. to this day, and various aberrant heights may still be found in Europe.

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