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there is, there are

there is

= there's [there is].
Nota: Contracción de there is.
Ex: The constituent networks may have presidents and CEO's (chief executive officers), but that's a different issue; there's no single authority figure for the Internet as a whole.
* Algo a lo que hay que dedicar mucho tiempo = time-consuming [time consuming].
* como + Nombre + no hay dos = be one of a kind ; be one in a million.
* como + Nombre + no hay otro = be one of a kind ; be one in a million.
* donde hay humo, hay fuego = there's no smoke without fire ; where there's smoke there's fire.
* hay gustos como colores = different strokes for different folks.
* hay miradas que matan = if looks could kill....
* hay que admitir que = admittedly.
* hay que confesar = confessedly.
* hay que decir a su favor que = to + Posesivo + credit.
* hay que destacar = importantly.
* hay que empezar por el principio = first things must come first ; first things first.
* hay que mirar hacia el futuro = the show must go on.
* hay que pensar en el futuro = the show must go on.
* hay que reconocer que = admittedly.
* hay que seguir adelante = the show must go on.
* hay razones para pensar que = there + be + reason to believe that.
* hay suficientes motivos para pensar que = there + be + every reason to think that.
* hay un tiempo y lugar para cada cosa = there + be + a time and a place for everything.
* imponer orden en donde hay caos = bring + order out of chaos.
* la idea que hay detrás de = the idea behind.
* las cosas hay que demostrarlas = the proof of the pudding (is in the eating) ; the proof is in the eating.
* lo que hay que hacer = do + the right thing ; the way to go.
* lo que hay que hacer y lo que hay que evitar = do's and don'ts ; rights and wrongs.
* los hay para dar y regalar = there's one born every minute.
* mientras hay vida hay esperanza = where there's life there's hope.
* no hay = there ain't [there aren't/isn't].
* no hay dos sin tres = things + come in threes.
* no hay duda de que = undoubtedly.
* no hay forma de que = for the life of me.
* no hay mal que por bien no venga = every cloud has a silver lining ; be a blessing in disguise.
* no hay manera de que = for the life of me.
* no hay modo de que = for the life of me.
* no hay nada como la experiencia = there's no substitute for experience ; experience is the best teacher.
* no hay nada como ser limpio = cleanliness is next to godliness.
* no hay + Nombre + que sean = no + Nombre + be.
* no hay palabras para describir = beyond words.
* para gustos hay colores = different strokes for different folks.
* que hay que dar muchas vueltas = circuitous.
* que hay que dedicarle mucho tiempo = time-intensive.
* siempre hay un princpio y un final = there is always a beginning and an end.
* si hay tiempo = time permitting.
* si no hay ningún contratiempo = all being well.
* tener lo que hay que tener = have + what it takes.

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