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frozen, chilled until solid; cold, chilly; covered in ice; made cold until solid
ice cream, frozen dessert made from milk products; ice
freeze, ice; chill
freeze, ice

ice, ice cream

ice cream

ice cream, frozen

(n.) = ice cream.
Ex: This article reports on the modification and use of a supermarket ice cream freezer to exterminate insects.
* copa de helado = ice cream sundae ; sundae.
* cuchara para servir helado = ice cream scoop.
* helado de fresa = strawberry ice cream.
* helado de vainilla = vanilla ice cream.
* sorbete de helado = ice cream soda.
* vendedor de helados = ice cream man.
(adj.) = icy ; frigid ; iced ; frosty ; freezing ; ice cold.
Ex: In general, studless tires did best on snow, while those with studs were best on icy roads.
Ex: In such frigid conditions, spectators, coaches and even players were wearing neck warmers.
Ex: Sand is used in some other states on snow and iced roads -- not quite as effective but it doesn't eat your vehicle with rust either.
Ex: This picture was taken a little over a month ago on a cold, foggy, and frosty morning.
Ex: He hoped a passerby would find him and lend him help, or at least some warmth to his freezing body.
Ex: As I sipped my ice cold water and dug into the salad I had the feeling I was being watched.
* agua helada = ice water.
* estar helado = be frozen stiff.
* helado hasta la médula de los huesos = frozen to the bone ; frozen to the marrow (of the bones) ; chilled to the bone ; chilled to the marrow (of the bones).
* lluvia helada = freezing rain.
* mezcla de lluvia helada y aguanieve = wint(e)ry mix ; wint(e)ry shower.
* niebla helada = freezing fog.
* quedarse helado = be frozen stiff.
* té helado = iced tea.
(v.) = ice.
Ex: The loins were divided into 2 lots: one lot was iced immediately and the other lot was left at room temperature for 6 hours before icing.
* helarse = freeze over.

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