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female, of or pertaining to the female sex; characteristic of the female sex; designed with a hollow or groove into which another part fits (Machinery, Electronics)
female, one of the female sex; she, female person or animal; eye; nut



(n.) = female ; baby girl.
Ex: Most of them -- there are 24 people on the library staff; 6 in reference (3 males and 3 females) -- have not personally experienced sexual harassment and haven't been aware that it exists.
Ex: With a conception calendar you can choose to conceive on the days that Nature has chosen for a baby boy or a baby girl.
* cabra hembra = nanny-goat ; she-goat.
* cedro hembra = cigar-box cedar.
* mula hembra = molly mule ; mare mule ; hinny.
* oveja hembra = ewe.

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