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bruise; wound; injury, hurt; stab
injured, wounded; lacerated
injured man


(n.) = bruising.
Ex: This behaviour is deliberately adopted by the librarian to keep the client at a distance, to hide one's real self, and often to protect one's own personality from too much bruising = El bibliotecario adopta deliberadamente esta postura para mantenerse alejado del usuario, para ocultar su verdadero yo y a menudo para proteger su personalidad de muchas magulladuras. (n.) = injury ; wound ; bruise ; lesion.
Ex: Also under this Act, maternity leaves must be treated as temporary leave comparable to disability due to injury, surgery, or other incapacity.
Ex: The article 'Record management professionals: suffering from self-inflicted wounds' discusses how since its creation in 1975 the Institute of Certified Records Managers has been under constant criticism.
Ex: Imagining themselves as the doctor at the hospital, students were no more likely to be suspicious of the bruises when the boy was believed to be from a stepfather family than from a biological family.
Ex: The article concludes that the concern about the malignancy of a particular skin lesion and the recommendation whether to perform a biopsy were not significantly affected by telemedicine technology.
* causar heridas múltiples = cause + multiple injuries.
* con heridas superficiales = superficially wounded.
* echar sal en la herida = add + salt to injury ; add + salt to the wound ; add + insult to injury ; rub + salt in the wound.
* el tiempo cura todas las heridas = time heals everything ; time heals all wounds.
* herida abierta = open wound.
* herida de arma blanca = stab wound.
* herida de bala = gunshot wound.
* herida en la cabeza = head injury ; head wound.
* herida grave = serious injury ; severe injury.
* herida por arma de fuego = gunshot wound.
* heridas = bruising.
* heridas múltiples = multiple injuries.
* herida superficial = superficial wound ; flesh wound.
* hurgar en la herida = add + salt to injury ; add + insult to injury ; rub + salt in the wound.
* hurgar en una antigua herida = open up + an old wound.
* lamerse las heridas = lick + Posesivo + wounds.
* no hurgar en la herida = let + sleeping dogs lie.
* ocasiones heridas múltiples = cause + multiple injuries.
* para echar sal en la herida = to add insult to injury ; to add salt to injury ; to rub salt in the wound.
* provocar heridas múltiples = cause + multiple injuries.
* sufrir heridas múltiples = sustain + multiple injuries.
* sufrir una herida = sustain + an injury.
* vendar una herida = dress + wound.
(n./adj.) = bruised ; wounded ; injured ; hurt.
Ex: 'Small, near-sighted, dreaming, bruised, an outlander in the city of his birth,' thirteen-year-old Aremis Slake fled one day to the only refuge he knew, the New York subway system.
Ex: When WWII broke out her large home became a convalescence home for wounded soldiers.
Ex: The injured crane operator, though badly injured, is now recovering in hospital and we wish him a speedy recovery.
Ex: I have what I think is a hurt tendon and the pain has been going on for months now.
* estar profundamente herido = be deeply hurt.
* gravemente herido = seriously wounded ; seriously injured ; seriously hurt ; badly wounded ; badly injured ; badly hurt.
* herido de amor = lovelorn.
* herido de desamor = lovelorn.
* herido de muerte = mortally wounded.
* herido grave = seriously wounded ; seriously hurt ; seriously injured ; badly wounded ; badly injured ; badly hurt.
* heridos, los = wounded, the.
* hurgar en la herida = add + salt to the wound.
* mortalmente herido = mortally wounded.
* orgullo herido = hurt pride.
* relación de heridos = casualty list.
* sentirse profundamente herido = feel + deeply hurt.
* superficialmente herido = superficially wounded.
(v.) = injure ; hurt ; wound ; bruise ; rankle ; inflict + injury ; cause + an injury.
Ex: Many of the inhabitants were shot dead or injured by a crazed gunman.
Ex: Some of the conflicts between labor and management were violent, and many people were hurt or killed.
Ex: You know about Susan B. Anthony and Rosie the Riveter, but did you know about the Civil War soldier who revealed her identity only when wounded? .
Ex: This new machine does not bruise or damage the fruit.
Ex: Now it appears that everyday citizens' sensibilities have been rankled by the campaign.
Ex: Armed violence -- the use of arms to inflict death or injury -- is an epidemic of global proportions.
Ex: When purchasing computer equipment and furniture, little consideration is given to ergonomic aspects and this gives rise to wrong posture causing unnecessary injuries.
* herir con un cristal = glass.
* herir de muerte = fatally + shoot.
* herir de un balazo = get + shot ; shoot.
* herir de un disparo = get + shot ; shoot.
* herir el orgullo de Alguien = ruffle + Nombre + pride.
* herir en el alma = cut to + the heart of ; cut to + the quick.
* herir en lo más profundo = cut to + the heart of ; cut to + the quick.
* herir gravemente = be seriously wounded ; be badly hurt ; be badly injured ; be badly wounded.
* herir mortalmente = fatally + shoot.
* herir + Posesivo + orgullo = hurt + Posesivo + pride.
* herir + Posesivo + sentimientos = hurt + Posesivo + feelings.
* herirse = get + hurt ; hurt + Reflexivo ; injure + Reflexivo.
* herir suceptibilidades = ruffle + Nombre + feathers.

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