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hermetic, airtight, sealed

(adj.) = airtight ; watertight ; reserved ; sealed.
Ex: Another modification using an unaltered sparking plug screwed into an airtight, closed vessel was developed.
Ex: It uses a heavy-duty seal and is therefore watertight, but not submersible.
Ex: Male librarians believed the public's image of themselves to be more submissive, meek, nervous, effeminate, reserved, following, subdued and less approachable, athletic, and attractive than the undergraduate sample actually saw them.
Ex: Another benefit is that when you slow cook something, there is less liquid lost because of the sealed environment = Otro beneficio es que cuando se cocina a fuego lento, se pierde menos líquido debido al recipiente hermético.
* cierre hermético = seal ; airtight seal.
* en hermético silencio = tight-lipped.

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