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heroine, female hero; heroin, addictive narcotic which is made from morphine

heroin, heroine


(n.) = heroine.
Nota: Femenino de héroe.
Ex: He admitted he read glossy modern thrillers in which the heroes are always taking three fingers of rye and the blonde heroines are voluptuous in bar after bar.
(n.) = heroin.
Nota: Droga.
Ex: India is presently facing the problem of increased trafficking in drugs and heroin and hashish are supplied to the west through the subcontinent = Actualmente la India se enfrenta al problema del aumento del tráfico de drogas y se está suministrando heroína y hachís al occidente a través del subcontinente indio.
* adicción a la heroína = heroin addiction.
* consumidor de heroina = heroin user.
* sobredosis de heroína = heroin overdose.

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