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spinning, yarn
spin, form thread or yarn by drawing out and twisting fibers

spinning, spun


(n.) = spinning.
Nota: Acción de hilar.
Ex: Again, in Class M7 Textiles we find that the Personality facet P is considered to be the Fibre (Cotton, Flax, Hemp, etc) and in the Energy facet are found the operations (Spinning, Weaving, Carding, etc.).
* hilado a mano = handspinning.
* hilado del algodón = cotton spinning.
(v.) = texture ; spin.
Nota: Verbo irregular: pasado spun/span, participio spun.
Ex: The play was an entrancing production that was textured with ideas, witty, and cunningly crafted.
Ex: Then the fairies told them how happily the spiders lived among the green leaves spinning garments for their neigbbors.
* hilar demasiado fino = split + hairs.
* rueda de hilar = spinning wheel.
* torno de hilar = spinning wheel.

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